Columbia River Fishing Guide
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Columbia River
Astoria, Oregon
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If you like fast past high flying action you'll love our Coho fishery. These fish are a blast to catch and can be found in high numbers around our fishery in Astoria, Oregon.
Coho (Silver) Salmon

Mid August is typically when we start to see fair numbers of Coho (Silver) Salmon enter the Columbia River System. These fish will ride the large flood tides into the river and we will see big influxes of Coho Salmon. Coho salmon can range from 4-20 pounds. This fishery is a favorite by most because of the fast paced action. When this fishery is in its peak it can be so hot that it can deliver huge catch days of 20-30 fish. Coho Salmon are very aggressive fighters which makes for an exciting catch. It’s not uncommon to have two of these fish on at the same time. Periodically, the bite is so hot it becomes chaotic for a short duration¬†and the intensity of getting into a school of silvers can affect every level of angler. This fishery will produce strong numbers of fish well into late September.

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