Columbia River Fishing Guide
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Columbia River
Astoria, Oregon
7 Days a Week
24 Hours a Day

What time and where does the boat depart from?

Often times we will depart at 6:00 am from various locations due to the weather and the tide. Call the night before for updated instructions. Please don’t be late, give yourself plenty of time to make it to the destination. Sometimes the that ten minutes can cost us a few fish. We want to have every opportunity to be successful as possible.

How long do we fish for?

You are purchasing a 8 hour fishing trip. However, many times we go over the 8 hours if the bite is just getting hot, or if we need to finish out out limits.

How do we get our fish back home?

At the completion of our trip i will clean all fish and help you package them for your transit home. Typically, A large cooler or ice chest is your best option for keeping your catch fresh during your commute home.

What if i have to use the restroom on the boat?

It all depends on the circumstances and the individuals comfort level. We generally fish within a 15 minute run to a restroom facility. We would glad make a quick potty run.