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Spring Salmon Update

Fishing has been tough for the most part. We are starting to see some fish get caught in the early mornings. Once again we are fishing on a small run this year with lots of restrictions. The lower Columbia River is currently closed. Angling is permitted above warrior rock up to Bonneville dam. The Willamette river and Multnomah channel have been fishing the best.

The weather is getting better and the water temperature is on the rise which should help with getting the fish to bite. Most fisherman should get out there and take advantage of the fishing conditions right now before the Columbia dams start spilling water. As the weather continues to warm up and the snow melts off, we will see the river levels rise and fish get picky.

During spring salmon season I usually focus on either running blue or chartreuse dyed herring. Trolling spinners are another way of effectively fishing for springers. It’s always good to consider adding a few scents to your bait brines to help separate yourself from the pack. Anise, and garlic are my go to scents for early season Spring salmon. These salmon are aggressive and will bite if you can locate them and drag your bait in front of them. The peak of the season is almost upon us so get out there and make your mark on these fish!

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